finding my writing voice

I’ve always loved writing.  Putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, has almost always been the only way I can process.  I can get all my thoughts out before someone tells me why I’m wrong.  I’m a truly undedicated writer.  I write when I’m angry or frustrated or have something to say to someone that is easier said on paper than face to face.  I’ve often hidden behind the written word, using it as a way not to have a hard or difficult conversation.

Would it be possible for me to just write?  What would it take for me to write daily or even weekly, instead of only in a crisis? I’m doing a course online with Ally Vesterfelt, Finding Your Writing Voice. Already I’m learning things about myself and my voice.  I’ve been looking at books I love, authors who’ve impacted me.  What did they say, how did they say it, what moved me about their words?  Turns out I’m drawn to writers who tell the truth, speak directly to the reader, and who give voice to things I feel.  For someone characterized as a truth teller, that feels good.  There are others out there who have the courage to speak truth.  I am not alone.

I’m going to give this a try.  Perhaps this time I will just write.

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