The Evolution of Christmas

IMG_0298Christmas at the Reid house has changed over the years.  Anna was born in 1989, quickly followed by Caroline in 1991 and Frances in 1993, (Yes, your math is correct.  Three little girls in four years time.) Will’s family always had “appetizer” type food as they decorated the tree.  High class food like mini quiche, bagel bites, egg rolls, and mozzarella sticks, all conveniently available in your grocer’s freezer.  Will and the little girls would decorate the tree while I managed the food, meaning I was picking it up off the floor when they spilled it.  Little girls only decorate the front of the tree where they can reach, so naturally after they went to bed, I re-hung all the ornaments.  Back then, I was all about Christmas tree perfection.

We kept this decorating tradition for 20 or more years.  This year, however, was a game changer.  No more driving to North Carolina to cut down a tree.  We didn’t even drive out to Mystic Farms to choose a tree as a family.  Anna and Brad weren’t here for Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure where Frances and Lawson were, but Will and I and Caroline and Matthew drove to a tree lot and bought a tree Friday night.  Sunday night, I put the lights on it all by myself.  This is my least favorite Christmas tree decorating job.  I like it to be done a certain way, but I don’t like to be the one doing it.  Last night, Will and I hung the ornaments by ourselves.  No crummy frozen food appetizers, no Centurymen Beautiful Star CD playing in the background.  Just the two of us, sadly hanging ornaments.

But wait, I’ve saved the best for last.  We bought this nifty little tree watering device that is basically a pole with a cup on the top that you can water your tree with, without having to crawl down under the tree to get to the basin.  Except that I didn’t have the pole all the way into the basin and poured AN ENTIRE GALLON of water all over the floor.  The only presents under the tree were those Frances had carefully shopped for and wrapped.  She is that girl.  A few of them got wet, which is all the more reason not to do your Christmas shopping or wrapping until closer to December 25th.

So Will and I are on the floor with 10 beach towels mopping up the gallon of water I’ve poured on the floor instead of into the tree basin.  This morning I woke up to an unusual sound and realized it was the fan we have running to dry out the floor.  I miss the old days!

PS Yes that is a BB gun in the corner to the left of the tree.  Don’t ask.

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