Dear Jordan Spieth

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Dear Jordan,

First of all you need to know that I am not an athlete. I don’t do the sports. I’ve never played golf, and I don’t even follow golf. But I watch the Masters every year, and I love it. I love the stories of the Masters. It’s elegant and the history intrigues me. The course is eerily beautiful and the greens almost look not real. The birds chirping in the background don’t even get on my nerves.  I love that spectators can’t bring their cell phones in. Somehow watching the tournament on TV wouldn’t be the same if everyone had their phones out taking pictures or shooting videos. Years ago I went to a practice day at August National and it is more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined.

I watched you last year when you almost won, and I wanted to pull for you. But I also admire Bubba Watson and he has a neat story too, so I was happy he pulled it out. Plus I knew you’d have another chance.This year I pulled for you from the start.   Didn’t know what “wire to wire” meant until Sunday afternoon, but it was amazing to watch you maintain the lead from the beginning. Knowing how young you are, I kept thinking about what it must feel like to have that kind of pressure.

So here’s what I’d like to tell you:

1. You’re adorable. I can say that because I’m old enough to be your mother and have been happily married for 29 years this week. You’re family has sacrificed for you to be where you are today.  Golf is an expensive hobby and you don’t get to be as good as you are without a lot of sacrifice and commitment from your whole family. Your mom and dad probably drove you back and forth to the golf course for lessons, tournaments, and clinics. Your brother and sister had to ride along for all of this and probably had other things they wanted to be doing. You spent countless hours practicing, and I’m guessing that meant your family didn’t get to do other things they might have wanted to do. This picture of you hugging your dad with your mom looking on touched me. I have three girls that have done some amazing things and I know that look on your mom’s face. It’s just this feeling of “I cannot believe my child did this and I am so unbelievably proud of him.” Your mom’s expression sort of summed up the parenting journey. She’s going to process that moment in her mind over and over and over for the next days and weeks.  Probably for years.

2. I really, really hope you are as fine of a young man in real life as you appear on television.  You’ve achieved something at an early age that most golfers will never achieve in their entire lives. You started The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation that’s focus is to provide educational solutions for young people with special needs. But Jordan, sometimes things get off track after you make a lot of money or achieve enormous fame. And then often things can go downhill. Folks can begin to believe their own press, and they make really stupid decisions. They get into things that they shouldn’t get in to, and they sully their reputation. Jordan, please don’t do this.

3. You’re going to need a good financial planner that you trust because $1.8 million dollars is a whole lot of money. I’m hoping you’ll save some, give some away and maybe treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted. Handle it well Jordan. A lot of young people are watching you. They look up to you as an example of dreams coming true if you work hard. Don’t disappoint.

Congratulations Jordan!  What an amazing tournament for you. The Masters is magical and it sure was magic for you this weekend. I’ll look forward to watching it again in 2016 and will be pulling for you. A repeat at 22 would be fun to watch! Now go hug your mom.

With kindness,

Melody Reid



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