Praying For Charleston


I don’t have any words that are remotely adequate. I’m so grieved for every part of what happened Wednesday night. I can’t even imagine the depth of grief that the families of the victims are experiencing. I feel so sad for my state of South Carolina and for beautiful, historic Charleston. I am thankful the suspect is in custody, but am ¬†bewildered by what could have happened in his young life that would lead to this. He was someone’s baby. How did he get here?

I don’t know where God is in all of this. I know He could have intervened and didn’t, and that is hard for me to understand. So many times throughout history, I’ve wondered how He could just stand by and watch it happen. I get on some level that evil is a result of sin in our world, and that we will live in this broken place until Jesus comes again. So much is broken.

God have mercy.



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