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We’re leaving Memphis after the funeral and have a choice to make. We can drive all the way home and sleep in our own beds and wake up in our own house tomorrow morning. This is an attractive option. Or we can drive a little bit out of our way and spend the night with our daughter and her husband at the farm. This too is attractive. They are six and a half hours from us, so I don’t have the luxury of seeing them routinely like I do my other girls. But I’ve been gone a lot since we were in Malawi this summer, and you already know I put a lot of pressure on myself. See Wednesday’s post about that here ‎if you don’t remember. Someone recently remarked that following me is like watching Where’s Waldo? I’ve been so many places in the last eight weeks I can hardly keep up with myself.

I try to make decisions in life that focus  heavily on relationship. I’ve been known to drive long distances to pick up my girls from a trip just so I get to hear the whole goody of the conversation on the way home. I’d rather have time with Will and our girls than just about anybody on earth. And then we went to that funeral today that took place in a church that his family has a long history with. HIs grandparents went there, his mother and all three of her sisters, in addition to a couple of cousins were married there. My two oldest girls were flower girls in a cousin’s wedding 20 years ago in the same sanctuary we were in today.

So we chose to come to the farm and spend the night. Waldo will be home in Greenville tomorrow afternoon. Painting a bathroom.

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