Forever Renovation


Eight weeks ago we started a bathroom renovation project that was supposed to take about four weeks.  We’re going into week eight, but WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!! Today I actually moved us back into our bedroom. I am sleeping in my own bed, in my own room, for the first time in over two months. If the renovation gods favor us, tomorrow the vanity tops will be installed and Tuesday the plumber will be here to hook everything up. The glass people are also supposed to come Tuesday to install the shower glass. In a perfect world, we will have a working bathroom by Tuesday night.

I promise to post pictures of the finished project. It’s going to be beautiful, and since we literally had mushrooms growing out of the baseboards by the shower the day my daughter got married, we’re pretty excited. I did not make this up, the part about the mushrooms.

Hope your week is a good one, and I’ll look forward to continuing the 31 day writing challenge tomorrow. When I have more words to say.

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