Mealworm chow for everyone


So today I am headed to the Allume conference downtown in Greenville, SC,  which is a gathering of Christian bloggers and writers. I had heard of Allume online because several of the bloggers that I read regularly had spoken at the conference in years past. This year I get to go because my mom, Esther Burroughs, is speaking Saturday night. I’ve been super excited about getting to attend and had a lot to do today to be ready to head downtown. Going out of town for three days, even if it’s just to my own downtown, requires preparation.

I was right on schedule, ready to walk out the door and go pick up my mom. I walked outside and saw our black lab Rosie throwing up in the grass. Concerned, I walked over to check on her. She continued to throw up several times. Huge piles of throw up. I would show you a picture, but you would unfollow me and never read anything else I ever wrote. I went to clean up the mess and realized Rose had eaten a hunk of discarded birdseed comprised of almonds, cashews, peanuts, and MEALWORMS.  Yes, mealworms. It was awful.

I cleaned up her mess and put her inside so she would not return to the scene of the crime and finish the job. I called my husband, the discarder of said birdseed, and reported Rosie’s offense. I left her locked in the mudroom and headed downtown to Allume. An hour later my daughter texted me that the other lab, Ella, had just vomited mealworm birdseed in the living room floor. So I guess Ella found the honey hole of birdseed pile too. Dogs are so much fun. Said no one who has cleaned up piles of vomit in one day.

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