Haircut or Highschool?


Many of you may remember that I went to northern Malawi with Will this past summer to serve the community of Chitipa. Partnering with Peachtree Presbyterian Church in  Atlanta, GA, we went with a team to do a youth camp for the high school students whose school fees are paid by members at Peachtree. This summer, several members of First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC went on the trip and sponsored students as well.

Chitipa is an interesting place, home to approximately 202,800 people. Children, particularly orphans and vulnerable children, account for 24% of the total population while 60% are young people between the ages of 14-25. Government funded schooling is provided only for primary school (through age 11) but not for secondary school. Girls, in particular, are at risk in Chitipa. Families often prefer to marry a girl off at a young age, rather than pay for her to continue going to school. Orphans who live with family members after their parents’ death are almost always denied access to secondary schooling because of a lack of funding.

Ya’ll, here’s the thing:

It costs $150 for one year to send a child to school in Chitipa. That $150 includes room and board. For $150, you can literally change a kid’s life. 

On our flight home from Africa this summer, I remember saying to Will (crying of course), “It costs me $150 to get my hair cut and colored every other month. I could send six kids to school for that.” So, here’s the deal. I’ve got nine girls that need sponsors for next year. Four of them were in my small group at camp this summer (Atupele, Mestinah, Mercy, and Lydia) I wish you knew their stories, but trust me when I say that your $150 that pays their school fees for next year, literally can ensure these girls don’t get married and have a baby at 15 and start the cycle all over again. 

I’m going to include pictures of their sponsor cards in this post. Would you partner with us in seeing that these nine girls get to go to school next year? These girls want to be teachers and nurses. Will you help me? Message me for details and contact information. Please share this post with all your friends and family. 

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